Yoshis are a dino-like species featured in levels throughout Super Mario Bros. X episodes. They are helping characters from many Mario series games. Make sure that when you come across one, use it.

Colors of YoshisEdit

There are many different kinds of Yoshis. Each color has a special power. Below is a list of all Yoshi colors in Super Mario Bros. X:
Green: Green Yoshis do not have any special power, but can spit out fire with a Red Shell, fly with a Blue Shell, or stomp with a Yellow Shell in their mouth.
Red: Red Yoshis spit out fire instead of Koopa shells.
Yellow: Yellow Yoshis stomp when they hit the ground with a shell in their mouth.
Blue: Blue Yoshis can fly with anything in their mouth, but only for a limited time.
Pink: Pink Yoshis spit out vegetables instead of enemies.
Purple: Purple Yoshis can ground-pound by pressing down while jumping. The ground pounds have the same effect as the Yellow Yoshi's stomp ability, but can also break blocks.
Black: Black Yoshis have the powers of the Red, Yellow, and Blue Yoshis combined.
Cyan: Cyan Yoshis spit out frozen enemies.

History in GamingEdit

Yoshis first appeared in Super Mario World as the inhabitants of Yoshi's Island and the main characters you were trying to save from Bowser (other than Princess Peach, obviously). Since then, they have appeared in many Mario series games. There is also a specific character named Yoshi, a green Yoshi that befriended Mario on his travels and has stuck with him ever since, appearing in many spin-off games like the Mario Kart series.

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