The White Savage Zone is a level which is based on snow. There are Ice Blocks in this level where you can pick them up and throw them at enemies. Flurries are introduced in this level which act like Shy Guys. There is a pile of Ice Blocks near Paratroopas and a secret 1-Up is in the level by when at the pipe where it has a Piranha Plant and a Flurry it has invisible Music Blocks to the right and go on top of the pipe and you'll find a 1-Up. After that, you'll slide down a slope with several Goombas coming out of a pipe. There is a 1-Up befure you go in the pipe which the slope leads to. Go up two more small slopes and you'll find a 1-UP with a Paratroopa guarding it. When you go in the pipe you are underground with vicious Piranha Plants, Koopa Troopas and Goombas. A Toad says here he wishes he could reach the pipe next to the one where you came from with a boot called the Kuribo's Shoe. Going in the pipe with the Kuribo's Shoe leads to a key with a keyhole. But aside from that, the pipe at the end of the underground section leads to the goal where you'll have to defeat Paratroopas. To get to this level complete the first level in Mushroom Plains and you'll find a warp pipe that leads to this world and this level.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I wonder where that pipe leads to? If only I had a boot to get up there." -Mushroom Citizen

Enemies[edit | edit source]




Piranha Plant


Koopa Troopa

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