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Toad[edit | edit source]


Toad is originated as the "Mushroom Retainer" in Super Mario Brothers. He is a playable character in Super Mario Bros. X. The lowly Mushroom Retainer is the quickest at plucking objects out of the ground.

Abilities and Gameplay Styles[edit | edit source]

Speed: Fast

Jump Height: Normal

Fall Speed: Normal

Secondary Jump: Spin Jump

Can carry weapons

Will carry items above his head

Can take up to three hits

Can ride in Shoes and in the Koopa Clown Car

Coin Block Effect: Up to five coins pop out when block is hit.

Transformations[edit | edit source]

Fire Flower Effect: Transforms into Fire Toad. Fire Toad shoots blue fireballs that bounce low, but move quickly.

Raccoon Leaf Effect: Transforms into Raccoon Toad. Raccoon Toad plays mostly like Raccoon Mario, but trades most of the slow-falling ability for the ability to double jump by pressing Jump in midair.

Hammer Suit Effect: Transforms into Boomerang Toad. Boomerang Toad, as the name implies, allows Toad to throw a boomerang. It damages enemies in the same way as hammers, but can also grab coins from far away. The range of the boomerang can be increased by holding Up while throwing the boomerang.

Tanooki Suit Effect: Transforms into Tanooki Toad. Tanooki Toad gains the same abilities as Raccoon Toad, but also gains the ability to transform into a statue by holding Alt-Fire.

Ice Flower Effect: Transforms into Ice Toad. Ice Toad shoots low-lying iceballs.

NPC Pieces[edit | edit source]

Toad[edit | edit source]

toad-1 (Small Toad)

toad-1m (Mask of toad-1)

toad-2 (Super Toad)

toad-2m(Mask of toad-2)

toad-3 (Fire Toad)

toad-3m (Mask of toad-3)

toad-4 (Raccoon Toad)

toad-4m (Mask of toad-4)

toad-5 (Tanooki Toad)

toad-5m (Mask of toad-5)

toad-6 (Boomerang Toad)

toad-6m (Mask of toad-6)

toad-7 (Ice Toad)

toad-7m (Mask of toad-7)

player[edit | edit source]

player-3 (Toad on the map screen)

player-3m (Mask of player-3)

effect[edit | edit source]

effect-130 (Toad's death sprite)

effect-130m (Mask of effect-130)

block[edit | edit source]

block-625 (Block that changes the current player character to Toad when hit)

block-629 (Block that can only be passed through when playing as Toad)

block-629m (Mask of block-626)

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