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The Invasion is a SMBX episode, the first was included in the download of this fangames.

It was created by Redigit, and came as default with The Great Castle Adventure and The Princess Cliche.

It consists of 49 different levels in 8 different worlds, along with 12 bonus and 4 dungeons. In The Invasion 2 that changed, since they decreased the bonus (there are only 7) was added an invasion and also introduced a Star Warp.

Some recognize it as a "SMBX Classic" because it was the episode with a wider patternand levels not that difficult or easy as well as being the only included in versions 1.2 and 1.3 of SMBX.


Pwnhammer is a mini series of three levels in The Invasion. His music is Super Metroid, with the themes of Brinstar, Metroid Charge and Crateria. Its


Pwnhammer 1.

levels are: Pwnhammer (level15), Pwnhammer Duece (level 25) and Revenge of Pwnhammer (level 44).

In The Invasion 2 because of how advanced it is SMBX, based environments might be improved Super Metroid. Pwnhammer has the feel of Old Brinstar and Pwnhammer Duece environment of Norfair.

In addition, The Invasion 2 is removed a Pwnhammer (The Revenge).


Invasions are the main events are what gave him the name the episode. There are 3 invasions: the Koopa Kingdom (level 27), Hurtful Hotlands (level 33), Rawest Forest (level 40) and Wet Water Zone (The Invasion 2, level 46).

All invasions have Corneria main theme, and a center of fighting as are the tanks. The tanks, planes and all objects are remarkably improved in The Invasion 2.

The Invasion 4 is a new invasion, to avoid being defeated Bowser as happened with The Invasion (the classic). Counts as two Birdo commanders and some clown cars.


The cells are found in Mushroom Plains, Subcon Underground (The Invasion 2), Dino Island and Koopa Kingdom.

The Dungeon 1 is common, has some lava pits and end with 2 Booms. (A single Boom in The Invasion 2).

The Dungeon 2 is more difficult with Bullet Bills everywhere. End with 3 Booms. In The Invasion 2, this dungeon is SMB2 style. Its end is the epic battle of Wart.

The third dungeon is in a single section, very difficult for the newcomer sees it. Ends in 3 Booms followed. The Invasion 2 completely changes things is SMW style and its end is a Ludwig Koopa.

The fourth dungeon has the same structure in the two versions. Change only the end. The Invasion In the end there of are hammer and a boom, while in The Invasion 2 is Bowser, SMB1-style and everything.

Final Level

The final level is similar to the final castle of SMB3. At the end of the castle is Bowser, and you must defeat to win the episode.

In The Invasion 2 change some things, like the position of the soil and the fabric of the castle, there to collect two keys to get to Bowser.

Classic Battles (The Invasion 2)

Mainly, the epic battles that match or resemble boss fights in the original games:

The Wart Battle.

  1. Battle of Boom (SMB3) on 1st Dungeon.
  2. Battle of Wart (SMB2) in the second dungeon.
  3. The epic Battle of Mother Brain (SM) in Pwnhammer Duece.
  4. The Battle of Larry Koopa (SMB3) in the 1st Invasion.
  5. The Battle of Bowser (SMB1) at 4th dungeon.
  6. Final Battle Bowser (SMB3) in the final castle.

Classic Levels (The Invasion 2)

Like the epic battles are similar to levels of the original games, if you are already a little older and has played these games, will bring old memories.

Like as Mario Bros.

  1. First Dungeon, is equal to the first dungeon of SMB3.
  2. Level 6, "Subcon Nightmare Land", is similar to the first level of SMB2.
  3. Level 20, "Go go Goomba" is somewhat similar to the first level of SMB1.
  4. Level 36, "Underground Battle Arena" is an epic game like "Mario Bros." of 1983.
  5. Level 49, "King of Koopas", is similar to the last level of SMB3, until Bowser appears in almost the same battle.
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