The Bros. Pad is where the Mario Bros. live in this game. It is the auto start level and when you start the level Princess Daisy will come down the house's chimney pipe, having been refused access by two Toads outside the house. She warns that Bowser is joining evil forces and invading the entire Mushroom Kingdom. If you speak to her again she tells you to be aware of the road ahead. The background inside the house is a design of sizable blocks and there is a portrait of the brothers also. There is a free Super Mushroom on a table as well. Outside of the house is a nice-looking garden which is Mario's and the two Toads in which one says a Princess should not be making house calls and another asks the whereabouts of Daisy in a complaining mood.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"They wouldn't let me in, but I had to talk to you. Don't look at me like that... Something bad is happening! Bowser has joined forces with villains from other realities and is invading The Mushroom Kingdom. Please go foil Bowser's plans like you always do". - Princess Daisy

"Please be careful, the road ahead is dangerous." - Princess Daisy, spoken to a second time

"A princess should not be making house calls to a plumber!" - Toad

"Oh no, where did the princess go?" - Toad

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