The Baby Yoshi




8 Worlds/7 Worlds for Yoshi

Playable Characters:

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi [SE]

Other Versions:

The Baby Yoshi Flash, Special Edition

CGFX Pack used:

Red Yoshi's



Overview[edit | edit source]

The Baby Yoshi is an upcoming Project made by CrazyKoopa (Me) it will be 8 Worlds long and have a Special Edition containing Lost Levels and Yoshi as a Character

Plot[edit | edit source]

Yoshi and his friends are watching The Baby Yoshi Egg hatch but in the nick of time, Boom-Boom takes the egg and flies off. [Not Yoshi] Mario then jumps on a Nearby Airship which leads to a Kingdom that no one knew Boom-Boom had. [Yoshi] Yoshi vows to get back the egg and stop Boom-Boom from making his own Yoshis

Worlds [Mario & Yoshi][edit | edit source]

Sun Stalks

Levels: 6

Forts: 1

Castle(s): 1

Mini-Boss: Unknown

Boss: Birdo

Mysterious Hills

Levels: 7

Forts: None

Airships: 1

Castle: 1

Boss: Big-Boo

Wavy Sea

Levels: 6

Underwater Palace: 1

Sunken Ship: 1

Mini-Boss: Porcupuffer

Boss: Boss Bass

More to come

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