Tone, organization, and style:Edit

This is one thing that we need taken care of. This wiki is written incredibly loosely -- it should be written as a real wiki would be: No use of slang, no acronyms, no short-hand writing, and it's written in a non-opinionated forum (which is one of the main problems plaguing this site).

There's a lot of sections about things we simply don't need. We don't need a list of NPCs used in a level pack. We don't need separate pages for each powerup/item when each needs so little information that all powerups/items can be on one page. The userlist isn't need, either, hinthinthint.

You guys should learn about paragraphing -- simply putting things in giant chunks is messy and hard to read, while using a lot of line breaks makes it feel like a bunch of empty space. Keep one idea and its details in one paragraph, and have the last sentence in said paragraph lead the reader onto the next one. You shouldn't jump from one level to another in one small bit of text.

The writer should assume that the reader doesn't know the terminology. You shouldn't have to explain what a powerup is or how the health system works, but things like making Events and playing worlds correctly should be explained to some extent.

There's a lot of unnecessary subtitles/headings. When there's a group of related ideas, make a big title, then keep the ideas related to that subject as subtitle paragraphs.

Little things like these may seem unnecessary, but they can greatly improve the reading quality of a wiki such as this one. I've seen other wikis that follow these steps and it's exactly what makes them successful. Kathykathykathy 23:08, June 24, 2010 (UTC)

I'll be here contributing to the wiki, see Special:AllPages, you can see was created a few pages. Blue Ice Y SMBX (talk) 22:50, July 31, 2016 (UTC)

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