The game Super Mario Bros. X also called SMBX is a game of Super Mario developed by Andrew Spinks Redigit and was probably the first version was released in 2009, SMBX is a fan game and is not affiliated with Nintendo, SMBX is a game that combines Super items Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World and its gameplay is too similar to the original games, the SMBX has the level editor that gives the ability to create any of its phase or episode of Mario, the latest version is Super Mario Bros. X version

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Level Editor

Playable characters

episodes official


The Super Mario Bros. X was developed on a computer with Windows Vista in Visual Basic 6, several versions of SMBX were made, each released version was always put more items in the game, Redigit had the site and Redigit stopped producing versions of SMBX and devoted to the development of Terraria is a game that did and is very successful when Redigit had stopped the end of the site and then was created and Redigit abandoned the development of the game and there is no more update, the latest version is Super Mario Bros. X Version

level editor

with one level editor you can create and edit stages (s) you want, you can also create maps and episodes of the game, the meaning of episode in SMBX is a set of stages connected to each other and to have at least 10 (ten) levels, as has been said the SMBX mix items from Mario games, these games are the same authoritative edition of Super Mario All-Stars in SMBX you can also make custom graphics you want, enemies landscapes etc ... the latest version of SMBX does not have all the games of the items, but she has many items and many things.

Selectable characters




Peach (Toadstool)


Official episodes

The Invasion

The Invasion 2

The Princess Cliche

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