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Super Mario Bros. 4 Trouble At Haylon Island




26 Worlds
930 Levels
1000 Stars

Playable Characters:

Yoshi Kid




Super Mario All Stars X Super Mario Bros 4 Trouble At Haylon Island SMBX Game

Super Mario Bros. 4: Trouble At Haylon Island is the three part SMBX Episode created by Koops5000.

The Story

Bowser, Bowser Jr, Kamek, the Koopalings, and the other Bosses are causes more chaos in the new world called Haylon Island.

He and the rest of his minions have stolen 12 of the Talisman Gems, the Shine, The Millennium Star, Rosalina's Magic Wand and the 6 Element Ords.

It's up to Mario and his friends to travel to the new world, restore it back, and save Haylon Island. The journey of stopping Bowser and his goons is full of dangers, such as fortresses and their bosses.

The Grand Talisman Gem along with the rest of the 12, and the 6 Element Ords use the power to create the land of Haylon. Replicating any area it can find, the Grand Talisman Crystal and the other 12, and the 6 Element Ords use their magic to replicate the areas from the previous SMBX episodes. Which serves as it's environment for the land of Haylon, the levels from the SMBX episode serves as obstacles, to get through newer areas. But the crystals came into contact into the Mushroom World, as it replicate levels in this world as well, as Mario and his friends must go through these areas to stop Bowser and his force.

The entire Episode is long, you will need to find all 1000 stars to finish the game. Plus the game only has SNES Music!

Worlds and Bosses[]

W1 - The Mushroom Kingdom (Bowser)

W2 - The Golden Mushroom Desert (Iggy Koopa)

W3 - Mario Land Amusement Park (Wart)

W4 - Broccoli Vine Forest (Lemmy Koopa)

W5 - Koopa’s Magma Cauldron Mines (Roy Koopa)

W6 - Ghost Town Gulch (Kamek Koopa)

W7 - The Grand Toadlantic Ocean Beach (Larry Koopa)

W8 - Jumbo Gumbo Jungle (Army Hammer Bro)

W9 - Snow Cone Glacier (Wendy O. Koopa)

W10 - Cookie Cliffside Mountain (Morton Koopa Jr.)

W11 - Marshmallow Meringue Clouds (Ludwig von Koopa)

W12 - Koopa Kingdom (Dry Bowser/Bowser Jr.)

WA - Mario's Mushroom City (Robo Birdo)

WB - Leaf Canyon (King Boo)

WC - Toadlantis Ocean (Barba)

WD - Dimension M&L (Dark Link/Waid)

Rosalina's Star Palace - Sakura World (Ganondorf)

Star World Star Road - (Metal Bowser)

Special World - Star Space Galaxy (Weegie/Smithy)

World Bowser - Bowser's Castle (Super Bowser)

E Reader World Lost Level Island - (Nightmare N.M.E.)

Castle of Hearle/Tower of Hearle/Stronghold Star/Star Palace - (???)