Super Mario Bros. 4 Trouble At Haylon Island




26 Worlds
976 Levels
1000 Stars

Playable Characters:

Yoshi Kid


who will playing this?


Super Mario All Stars X Super Mario Bros 4 Trouble At Haylon Island SMBX Game

Super Mario Bros. 4: Trouble At Haylon Island is one of shittiest episodes, what was created by child, named Koops5000..

The Story

One kid wanted to make an episode the size of 26 worlds! But because of his small mind and stupidity, he just started stealing other people's levels in huge quantities. And when they began to make claims for this, he simply fell silent. And, plus, this episode contains ten million extended music, therefore, the file size of this piece of shit reaches 10 gb.

The episode from which the content was stolen[edit | edit source]

Super Talking Time Bros 1

Super Talking Time Bros 2

The Invasion 2

Luigi's Fight for The Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario Star Expedition

M&L's Delightful Adventure

Mario Time - The Lost Levels

SMB: Collaboration

SMB: A New Beginning

Secret of the Dry Guys

Mario Classic

Lowser's Conquest

Sarasaland Adventure

Tower of Biased 7

Mushroom Robbers

Return to Dinosaur Land

and more...

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