Shoes are a riding object that all, but Link can ride. The ability to stomp on most of the Enemies is one of the abilities of the shoes (which is also used by Yoshi.) The different shoes are power-ups available in Super Mario Bros. X. The Kuribo's Shoe (also known as the Goomba's Shoe) was originally from Super Mario Bros. 3, but the other two first appeared in Super Mario Bros. X. Note that if Link enters a level with one of the shoes inside, they will simply appear as a health item.

Also note that the shoes are not lost at the end of the level, like the Kuribo's Shoe in Super Mario Bros. 3. However, getting hit while wearing one of them will make you lose the shoe until you find another one; you can't get back in it, like you can with a Yoshi.


Artwork of Mario jumping on a Spiny with the Kuribo's Shoe.

Kuribo's ShoeEdit

The Kuribo's Shoe is a green boot with no abilities that set it apart from the other shoes. Like the Podoboo's Shoe and Lakitu's Shoe, it can be carried around, and the wearer is immune to hazardous blocks (such as spikes or Munchers).

Podoboo's ShoeEdit

The Podoboo's Shoe is a red boot that has two special abilities.

Fire StompEdit

If an enemy is stomped with the Podoboo's Shoe, the enemy will turn into two fireballs. One fireball goes left, while the other goes right.

Lava WalkEdit

While wearing the Podoboo's Shoe, you can safely walk (or rather, hop) on lava without getting hurt.

Lakitu's ShoeEdit

The Lakitu's Shoe is a blue boot. When a character gets in the shoe, it sprouts wings and allows the character to fly as if they were riding a Blue Yoshi; unlike the Blue Yoshi, the flight with a Lakitu's Shoe does not have a time limit.

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