Super pauline by albertojz356-d2ejlim

Super Pauline! Artwork by albertojz365!


Pauline Bio

Pauline (also known as Damsel, Lady, Lady in Red) is the First Lady of Nintendo.  She is a playable character in SMBX, marking this as the first game to play as Pauline!  Her moveset is exactly as Link's (as she is essentially a re-skin), but with different animations.  She uses a classic Donkey Kong Hammer to attack, and can bash Goombas from above with her Stiletto heel!

She wears her iconic torn red dress, black stiletto heels, wavy brown hair, and gold earrings+bracelet!

Ability and Gameplay StylesEdit

Same as Link, but with DK-arcade accessories


Pauline's Sprite Sheet for SMBX



Same as Link, but with DK-arcade accessories

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  • FoxBoogs

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