Project Nostalgia is a W.I.P SMBX Episode by the user CaneTheVelociraptor that is trying to blast nostalgia into you as hard as possible.

Manual Edit

Story Edit

Princess Peach is kidnaped by Bowser again! It's up to Mario and Luigi to save her!

Mechanics Edit

  1. Help Mario and Luigi save the Princess by clearing 32 Levels in 8 Different Worlds.
  2. Find all kinds of Power-Ups to help on your adventures.
  3. In each level, there is a Green Star that is used to unlock Secret Levels
  4. In each world, there is a secret exit that is used to unlock the Secret * World.

Download Edit

World 1 Demo Edit

Changelog Edit

  • Luigi is now a playable character (Yahoo!).
  • Added 3 more levels
  • World 1 is complete!
  • Due to an Error in the code of the game, all Flagpoles were replaced by Goal Posts.
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