Mario is often considered to be one of the most well known characters from video games. In Super Mario Bros. X, he is the most well-rounded character in the game; he runs at an average speed, and jumps at an average height.
Mario NSMBWii

Mario from New Super Mario Bros. Wii



Abilities and Gameplay Styles

Speed: Normal-Fast

Jump Height: Normal

Fall Speed: Normal

Secondary Jump: Spin Jump

Can carry weapons

Carries items in front of him

Can ride in Shoes, on Yoshi, and in the Koopa Clown Car

Gets one coin from the block per hit


Fire Flower Effect: Transforms into Fire Mario. Fire Mario shoots red fireballs that bounce along the ground, killing most enemies in a single hit. They can roll up gradual slopes, but "break" when they hit steep slopes or walls.

Raccoon Leaf Effect: Transforms into Raccoon Mario. Raccoon Mario gains the ability of flight if he runs for long enough. However, Mario can only stay in the air for so long before having to fall. With the Raccoon Leaf, Mario can also slow his fall by holding the Jump button, and hit enemies with his tail by pressing the Run button.

Hammer Suit Effect: Transforms into Hammer Mario. Hammer Mario throws hammers that kills almost every enemy in the game in a single hit. The hammers fly in an arc, and can pass through solid objects.

Tanooki Suit Effect: Transforms into Tanooki Mario. Tanooki Mario gains the same abilities as Raccoon Mario, but also gains the ability to temporarily transform into a statue by holding Alt-Run. While transformed into a statue, he is immobile but invincible.

Ice Flower Effect: Transforms into Ice Mario. Ice Mario shoots iceballs that bounce along the ground, freezing most enemies when they make contact. They automatically "break" after making bouncing enough times, or when they hit steep slopes or walls.

Graphics Files


mario-1 (Small Mario)

mario-1m (Mask of mario-1)

mario-2 (Super Mario)

mario-2m(Mask of mario-2)

mario-3 (Fire Mario)

mario-3m (Mask of mario-3)

mario-4 (Raccoon Mario)

mario-4m (Mask of mario-4)

mario-5 (Tanooki Mario)

mario-5m (Mask of mario-5)

mario-6 (Hammer Mario)

mario-6m (Mask of mario-6)

mario-7 (Ice Mario)

mario-7m (Mask of mario-7)


player-1 (Mario on the map screen)

player-1m (Mask of player-1)


effect-3 (Mario's death sprite)

effect-3m (Mask of effect-3)


block-622 (Block that changes the current player character to Mario when hit)

block-626 (Block that can only be passed through when playing as Mario)

block-626m (Mask of block-626)

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